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Untitled by entropic-insanity
I found the original picture somewhere on Google. I decided to brush it up a bit. 
They took her away from me that day
The door left open, footsteps in the snow
I called out for her, screamed her name
Only my echo resounding, no response
"You fool", I told myself
"You let her go, you let her go"
She's lost now, lost to the snow
And I can feel my heart's growing cold
It's so cold, oh so cold
So cold and heavy, the chill does not bother anymore
And I cried
Yet tears could not wash the pain away
No amount of tears could not drown my sin
That I can't take her back
I can't have her back
Can't defeat death itself
My greatest failure, my only weakness
That I am
A mere mortal
So I lie there
Staring at the concrete sky
Waiting for death to take me with him
Untitled by entropic-insanity
Finished an old piece. I finally realized what wasn't quite right with the old one and edited it. The butterflies were just supposed to be outlined, rather than entire silhouettes.
You can keep tell me that you are sorry
So sorry, oh so sorry
Gosh, you are so fucking sorry
You can keep tell me that you didn't mean it
That you did it
Because you didn't know
You can keep tell me that I could be understanding
A little bit more respectful
Despite the damage done
As if I could say you are sorry
Truly sorry
When you left me there, alone
(You fucking piece of shit)
For every day I woke up in the morning
Every day I went to work
Every day I came back home
Every day I wanted to cry
From tears of sadness, tears of joy
Every day I struggled on my own
You left me there, all alone
And you have the guts to tell me you think that you are sorry
That you understand
What you have done?
That you know
That you think you get
Of what it feels like
When you left me
Stranded, on my own?
You don't know a fucking thing
Not a single fucking thing
Of what it means to be me
Of what it means to walk down
The path I carved
Through the fire and the brimstone
Because you left me with no other choice
Than to walk the path and do the talk
All the while just longing
For a fucking shoulder to lean back on
Scarring me beyond recognition
To keep fucking wonder
What is my life's mission?
Yeah, you can keep on
Telling me that you know
That you are so sorry
So fucking sorry
Gosh, yeah, you are so sorry beyond
What words can say
Meaningless empty blabber
While I rip your heart out
The heart you denied me
There's nothing left
Than just the cold
Removed a lot of old poetry and some fiction. Many reasons why this is. Part because the quality is poor, part because I don't feel it reflects my writing, part because I associate them with a time of my life I can no longer identify with. 

Long story short, but life is simply complicated as fuck right now.
  • Listening to: Dark Tranquillity - Construct

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